'Take it down!'

Back again guys, This was mainly a edit test, I failed with the smoke. Dont know about how i done with the muzzle out of the Javelin Missile.


Criticism/Compliments Appreciated!

The muzzle flash looks odd.
Also, he isn’t aiming it anywhere near the helicopter.

I’m pretty sure a javelin launcher targets the enemy then fires, the javelin missile lowers that raises its aim to the enemy…

tracking systems are amazing aren’t they?

You need to use the direct-attack mode to engage a helicopter, meaning he has to actually aim it.

No. The javelin rocket is still guided to it’s target. Fireing with ‘dir-more’ only makes the rocket not hit its target from the top.

Also, Javelins are not designed to take down rotor-winged aircrafts.

Fair doo’s, Might as well face the fact eh :stuck_out_tongue: Was just trying to test my edits :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers anyway guys!

Blurrr Rape :stuck_out_tongue:

Javelin? At a helicopter??

As for the editing… I’m sorry to say that you really seem like a bit of a lost cause. I suggest looking at a lot of tutorials before your next edit, otherwise stick with in-game (you can still do wonders with that, just look at Karimatrix)

I like it sept for smoke.