Take It Slow



Had a bunch of frustration making this due to gmod trying to screw with me in every way it could think of when I was adding lighting to the scene.

Criticism is appreciated.

I like it, but I may be a slight bit biased :v:

Fire a warning shot, across her nose

He’s holding that pipe rather awkwardly, but otherwise, it’s a solid pic.

What models did you use for this?

Nice work, mate!

Awesome job man…

That title lol

What about it?

What ones specifically, the ragdolls or props?

Holographic info on his right eye which is blind. Unless the right eye is cybernetic or something.

Ragdolls, sorry.

And I like thisa lot, pretty cool duuude.

Description of the pic’s loading time…

It’s the scifi citizens (lt_c), blacklight soldiers (taggart), and mass effect citizens (Kali)

I noticed that whenever people load deviant art pics they load slowly for some reason.

Nice pic btw, but the pipe hand is rotated way too hard i think.