Take Part in an Experiment?

I am looking to hold a little experiment; if you may, and the basis of this experiment is to prove that there is nothing wrong with the gamemode DarkRP, but instead it is the childish community that is its problem. I aim to do this to prove a point to all of the naïve FacePunch users who judge a gamemode without even testing it under favorable conditions. Within my experiment, there will be agreeable conditions among all participants. Now first, a little history on the subject.

Many people believe that DarkRP is just a “hunk of shit” while myself seeing the bigger picture. DarkRP in itself is the most common gamemode out there, in my opinion. Just from that you can clearly see that it has left a big impact on the community. For some odd reason, this particular gamemode brings much popularity from the younger members and a select few who are older. But in my experiment, I wish to gather an assortment of members who are capable of roleplaying and proceed to prove to FacePunch that DarkRP can live up to much more that its malicious reputation.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely tired from the redundant posts of little kids posting about their “Awesome New DarkRP Server”, but I want to give this gamemode its just earned respect and chance to be seen as something fair. This gamemode, just like every other, took some poor chap a lot of time and dedication; therefore, I believe there can be light shed onto its dark past.

Thanks, post your opinions on the subject as well but, if you disagree then please explain your point of view as well.


Hey Jacob,

Well I would have to agree with you but most DarkRP servers are now the same one as another this is why it is growing in to hatred and no role player wants to play, the gamemode is fine and perfect IF you know how to code lua, with a little of touch of lets say a registration and an RP test like HL2RP has it would be the perfect NON-HL2RP Role Playing server, a server also needs good management and a good harsh community that is not run by young children but by at least by teenagers or older, what I hear from most people is ‘DarkRP rules are the same on every other server’ if that part would be forcefully changed then it would be in fact a better gamemode than HL2RP, but unfortunately Garry’s Mod is alive due to children buying it and playing mostly DarkRP or TTT, I run a TTT server myself and yes, it is a pain that people do not read the rules, do not follow the rules, do not community and just play their own way like it’s a vanilla do what the f**k you want server.

So what is your exact experiment I ask, maybe we could do something?

I’d be willing to take part, I remember the good old days of Dark RP with my two friends.

Thanks both of you for taking interest in changing the course of this gamemode’s reputation. As of right now, don’t have much planned in way of an agenda, but feel free to message me on steam.

Well Jacob,
The problem with DarkRP isn’t so much isolated to DarkRP, but rather the entire roleplay community.

Ever since the release of RP08(or Cider), much debate has transformed on the next step for Garry’s Mod RP, and how it should be taken. The so called ‘3rd Stepping Stone’ of the roleplay genre is a topic which is constantly open for debate, with many stances calling for more SeriousRP or LiteRP concepts. Yet the polar-opposite concepts of LiteRP and SeriousRP have actually caused stagnation in roleplay development.
And thanks to this… Most people won’t actually challenge age old concepts, and rather stick with what they know.

Once you step out of this box though, you are met with five issues.
~ How do we create an environment which balances Passive and Aggressive RP without placing rules such as RDM, NLR, and otherwise? (Observable Freedom)
~ How do we create an gamemode which can still have minor donations perks, but none of which deeply effect the core gameplay? (Donations/Community Finances)
~ How we give the power to change events, actions, and storylines to players? (Butterfly Effect)
~ How do we remove the need for rules/admins? (Removing OOC Interference in RP Situations)
~ Where do we curve-stomp abuse/exploitation?

All these issues have plagued the RP community for roughly four years now, and most developers have tried to patch certain issues, but have generally failed from key-issues in how the gamemode works.

With DarkRP, CityRP, PERP, and many other LiteRP gamemodes, the main issue is that every form of economic gain is heavily illegal in RP. Namely moneyprinters/drugs.
Creating economies which are not scripted, but are passive is the answer for a lot of these issues.
I’m more then willing to answer any type of questions regarding GModRP. Feel free to hit me up on Steam or FP.

Edit Clockwork’s script to make CityRP with no combine, sort of like seriousRP PERP.

That doesn’t fix the core issues.
All you are doing is making CityRP based on Clockwork rather then DarkRP, so that it has more ~-glitter-~
The way SeriousRP has been done for the last 5 years has been nothing but poisonous to the roleplay genre.

I completely agree with you. There should be a new age of gamemode modes instead of these old ones. One that better represent Gmod, but I feel like this would be near impossible in a gamemode and not a whole game by itself.

One thing. Remove the stupid RDM rule. NLR is petty much fine, you can act like you woke up in an unkown place but RDM… I mean can you ban a terrorist out of this universe because he wet on rampage with an ak on the streets of NY?

Roleplay a killer get banned

I think that what most of us look for in a Roleplay gamemode is a real game. Something much more than any of us can really think to imagine. With in this game, we are looking for another reality, and the sad truth is that with today’s technology this is something we are unable to reach.

How vanilla are you planning on running the gamemode?

If you’re modding it for the experiment, I’d like to see how it changes things with a few things simplified.

Cook, medic, and gun dealer could really be one general salesman job (requiring a licence to buy/sell guns would let it be available to more people at once without creating chaos). Buying/selling items could even just be a part of the Citizen job and the players would /job their title to be relevant if they go into business.
Making gangsters/mob boss actually citizens too (by eliminating the explicit jobs and providing other means for obtaining their items) could be interesting too. Then you’d get less metagaming and have player created crime organizations with less run by the gamemode itself.

Also, instead of having the default wide selection of guns, there’s not much need for more than a pistol or two, with maybe a shotgun and something like the MAC-10 (which may even be overkill). Fewer and less powerful weapons should help reduce deathmatching a little bit.

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The idea behind both of those rules is to help create an environment more conductive to roleplay. If you just go around shooting everyone without any real interaction besides a bullet in their direction, that’s awful roleplay. You can still roleplay a murderer, even a terrorist, but the idea is to interact with the other characters, not just slaughter them. Also, NLR isn’t supposed to be about “waking up in an unknown place”. It’s that you have a new, different character after the old one dies.

But in the streets, everyone’s life goal is to slaughter others. If we can’t roleplay as a crazed psychopathic killer without getting banned, it isn’t roleplay.

If you need to run around being a killer, then you should just play TTT.

I would like to participate in this experiment.

I would love the help. Stay posted for some more information to come. Thanks.

Read up about MeteorNet. It was a RLRP server a while ago that hit all the right bases, you can probably learn some stuff from it!

Murder in society, get life.

Actually if a person decides to roleplay killing a person, then what would happen in real life? A life sentence to jail --> temp. ban. I kid, I kid.

Sounds like an interesting experiment, I’d be willing to help.