"Take that you damn Krauts!"



Original - >** http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/3562/powpoworig.jpg

**Compare - > **http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/37647

I realize now that I didn’t pose his eyes. I was wondering why his face looked strange…

nice lighting though

“Damnit… Jimmy’s shooting a wall again”

(he looks retarded)

:v: i like it though, nice posing.

I like the effects.

why does he have rifle pouches if he has a thompson

The lighting doesn’t look quite as good as yours usually does… not that it’s bad or anything, it just isn’t up to par.

Also, if you’re gonna use a muzzleflash picture, please for god’s sake, don’t use that one. It’s so amazingly overused.

I like the smoke though, and the posing and camera angle are fine.

Yeah, that’s why I said meh.



Original edit in comparison.

The muzzleflash looks pretty cheap and pasted on.

a bit better?

Cool any Photoshop come in handy ur just proper use of addons?

it’s all photoshop.