"Take that you Kraut bastard!" American soldier punching a german soldier

Made this for the hand-to-hand combat challenge, but I thought it can’t hurt to make a new thread for it:


Also an alternative edit that doesn’t have the blue/green-ish (which some may not like):


the motion blur somehow doesnt look right.It seems like he is pulling his fist back and not forth

The faceposing is hilarious.

Well he’s supposed to look angry and that’s what he looks like.

It’s way too overblown. I get the idea that he’s angry, but who would naturally bite down on their bottom lip that much in a fight?

He’s not biting his bottom lip. His teeth aren’t even on his bottom lip. How did you manage to see it like that?

That fist he got there looks kinda edgy, but I’d guess it’s just the model being low quality?

Else, It looks very good IMO

Those are his bottom teeth? 0_o

That only makes the faceposing more laughable, because it looks like he has a huge overbite and a massive top lip.

Two words:

No, that’s his upper teeth. He has his upper lip raised so it’s at the same height as the gap between the upper and bottom teeth.