Take the BLU Syringe, or the RED Syringe. The choice is yours.

Second version

Didn’t turn out aswell as it looked ingame.

I choose blue.

Wow, I must be tripping on some some good sh%# :stuck_out_tongue:
I like,it looks good, in my opinion the first one looks better the snow day bloom I can do without. :smiley:

Everyone always does.

Can I fit through the door?

I couldn’t get them bigger and inflate doesn’t work :frowning:

I thought it was gonna be like the matrix with the pills, but…

I choose RED

I choose Red. Picture looks good.

Why are the doors foating in the air?
Scouts look shitty posed and no faceposing.
Why using the uber models O_o?

Is there a hidden joke or something?
If not I dont like it.

Matrix joke…Take the blue or red pill. I made it seem like TF2 is just somebody on drugs, red syringe = Red Team, Blue Syringe = Blu team.

Aah okay :stuck_out_tongue:
Thx bro.

Posing and graphics are AWFUL

This is, REALLY bad.

Highest Graphics in the game are awful huh? Posing is a bit shotty, but, the uber material, makes it look better ingame for what ever reason.

There is NO way those are the Highest Graphics. No way. Posing is terrible, and the uber material was just a stupid idea.