"Take the gastation!" Ruskies taking over

Not my best, but eh, C&C


What happened
Are they on fire?

The Russian with the RPG blew up a gastank, thats the american flying :confused:


I believe someone just got hit with a Erupting Burning Finger.
I do not like the explosion effect and smoke is a bit too thick.
Posing seems pretty good though.

Hunter my comrade, where did you get these Russians from?
also lol’d at burning guy

I like the dude on the left for some reason…

I had to read the comments above to understand this picture. That, generally speaking, is not something you want people to have to do to get your picture. I suggest you clear up the edges of the flying American soldier, so he’s not completely obscured in the explosion. The small story being told here is easy enough to follow, and you used actual editing, which is a plus.

And the RPG’s smoke should be more distinguishable from the explosion, as well. It really seemed to muck up some key parts in this image. Just be sure to watch out for things like this. I’ve only mentioned problems with it, by the way. It has nice posing and is framed pretty well. Typically for some sort of explosion scene, the farther away the camera is, the better.

Looks like a ghost with fire all around it.

Can’t see shit. The contrast doesn’t help either.

the explosion doesn’t look very good

poor fire effects but i like pose
cheer up, do more

But I wasn’t sad in the first place ._.

I misread the title to take the ‘gestation.’