''take the shot dimitri.''

**No COD WAW models go away if you to see those!**


My favorite cod waw mission is vedetta. so i wanted to recreate the mission in gmod. And don’t say shit like "This sucks i was expecting cod waw models’’. C&C please.

I not to see those.

But I still dont want to see this, so I’ll go away.

The posing on the models are way stiff and there is to much blurring. The camera angle is poor to, but its a good enough effort you did. I recommend a better angle next time more pointing at the specific target with the sniper actually aiming rather than holding is gun at a chest height.

Looks nothing like the mission to be honest. And work on your posing.

Why would he need a sniper when 10 feet away from the enemy. Oh, and you should work on your posing.

Nobody’s going to get mad if you aren’t using CoD:WaW models.

The picture is too dark and the angle is kinda boring. Plus, everything is blurry. Culminates in a hard to make out subject.

I think they would have been spotted…

reznov will spray them full of lead with his ppsh :slight_smile:

They’re too close, but good try. I liked that mission, too.

If i were them i wouldn’t stand like that…they could see them anytime!

I hate that mission. They 100% completely ripped the first part off from the movie “Enemy at the Gates”, which happens to be my favorite war movie.


Also, posing is really stiff and unrealistic in an unrealistic scenario.

I’ve never seen that one. Should I?

It is pretty much this.

Hey, that’s my favorite movie.

i think dimitri has a nice ass that sticks out all the way to new york from moscow