take the time to email EAC

I’ve sent them a detailed message in regards to the current issues that are considered “hacks” (used quotes because i’m not sure if client side editing is a hack or not)

Consider this, if they receive more detailed information regarding what other players have seen or know to be a problem it would at least provide a quicker starting point for EAC to work it out.

I know most of you are like me and want to see Rust succeed and don’t want problems like this in the game that could deter future players from trying the game out. So just take a moment, and write a pleasant email to EAC:


or google to find their webpage.

(No sarcasm at the end there. Really make it pleasant, because no one listens to a dick.)

*EDIT , after looking through their forums, they don’t have very many problems in relation to Rust. So going there and providing details is also an option!

In the last days I’m taking about 5 new hacks per day …

that serves server.secure true?
only prohibits access normal players? (like me sometimes)

I think they should start working a little on the subject of hacks, I see abandoned.

Thanks for your post, I try to send mails for make a better game, but much players on my server lost materials etc… (a hack that lets you build wherever you want.
even house on top of rocks).


knubbe and smc are pretty active in the forums too, but i agree the more information they have the better:)

Good news fellow Rustamites! EAC has gotten back to me via email.

Thanks for initiative to address this problem. I think Admins, players and EAC need to work together in some way, so we dont lose this game to cheaters before its even done.

maybe make some kind of list of known hacks so its easier for admins to identify different hacks/cheats.
If we identify specific hacks and know what the most common, EAC might work out a solution faster.