"Take this, you betrayer of America!"



Stupid quote, nice pose.

Seconded. What the hell.


i dont get it

good posing though

sounds like something a five year old would say

cuz I’m not living the nation where use English

Exactly. Realistically he’d probably just say “Traitor!”. No need for a full description of what he did.

It’s like saying “Thank you plumber for clearing out the toilet with a plunger! Now I will pay you! With MONEY!”

He’s living in the very diffirent cultural and lingual environment. It’s a strong excuse for him.

And, it’s a common stereotype on Americans to be somewhat pathetic and not very smart, you know…

On topic, I wlould like to say that I really like the posing. It’s nearly photorealistic.



Posing looks kick-ass but I really don’t get the thread title

I think it’s a little to bright. Rest is good.

PM someone english and say “Hey, this title sound cool and spelt right?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool still

For some reason I read that with Arnold Swartzenager voice…

Spare him some thought will ya? He’s in Korea, of course the south.

Bloom is too heavy.

I don’t think the russians where on his side at the start.