"Take this you son of bit--" Condemned 2 esque picture

May be a little dark, but I was going for a Condemned 2 feel.




Looks awesome. Posing, editing and everything was perfect. Good show.

You do like those 2 Zombies in the background eh? :smug:
Looks awesome but it needs more glowing eyes.

Lights and posing are superb but I feel it is too blurry :confused:

Still, rated artistic!

I blame L4D’s materials for that blur-e feeling.

I still hear them shouting MOTHERFUC- ERGH

Good picture but the zombies don’t fit; they don’t look hobo enough :V

They still look like crazy mo-fo’s like in Condemned lol.

Nice in terms of editing, but the pose of the axe and swinging arm seems quite weak and unnatural.

it’s a pipe :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hard to get a still picture to have a effect of the object making contact. Specially within a first person pose, as well as the stiffness with the L4D ragdolls :frowning:

posing and lighting is great.