"Take us. We are ready" A Necromorph dragging corpses around an abandoned hospital

The lighting is shit but I wanted to try a “non disco light” lighting like I always do and came up with this.
C&C is appreciated.


I’m scrared man!! Nice job anyway. I like it.

It stares into my soul…Great job man.

I love how you edited in eyes onto the Necromorph.

But honey, I don’t want to go shopping!

atleast it’s fapable

Exactly what I was going for.

She must wear the pants in bed.


I like you disco lights better. Though this is great to.

Human BBQ with her needle.

the look on her face makes me moist

Oh god how is this picture funny?

as you can possibly see from this skeleton

the right shoulder is too far forward to properly represent the dragging of the corpses. the upper arm is what is pulled back, which is wrong. it should be a little forward to show effort in pulling, see
the orientation should be switched; right shoulder back and left shoulder forward.

of course this is not a human being or animal so (if it were i would also note the bend of the spine is fucked)

Your going to be the next CoolHandLuke, only instead of an obsession over AKs it will be necromorphs. But as long as you don’t post any Ann Franke porn, you’ll be fine.

Oh yeah the picture is good to.

This is actually really helpful. I should probably look up some reference images or something while posing since it shows that doing stuff just out of my head really doesnt seem to work.
Thats what I get for focusing on lighting and close ups for 2 years, oh well.
Thanks for the help!

Who the hell is “CoolHandLuke”? Never heard of him.

Some guy who posted screenshots with an almost creepy amount of AKs and probably got Perma’d because of Ann Frank porn.

Well, that’s my best guess.

I like the lighting.