Takelings made in s&box (Gamemode)

I wanna put a team together to create this(well something like it):

in s&box

features (would like to have):

:options for online play or local
:most of the things shown in the Takelings trailer
:easy mod ability to add custom maps and features
and the one part in it with the brick smashing i think can be done with voxels

since i dont have access some features might not be added


This is pretty damn similar to the gamemode idea that I had, mine was just with Rats in a kitchen instead.
I didn’t know this Takelings game existed but it looks super fun!

I’d be down to help with 3d props, materials and mapping for a project like this.



still need to get access tho

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This is not how you get access.


This sounds cool, you could maybe make it in unity!


well im sure the real game was made in unity :sweat_smile: i wanna make it in s&box though

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._. did i say this is how i was gonna get access?

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This whole thread is basically you “low-key” trying to get noticed, thinking if you have a project at hand, you’ll get a key. This thread posts a steam store page, says “I wanna make this in s&box” and adds nothing else. No previous work shown, no details on how to reach you in case somebody wants to work with you (lol). Not to mention nobody really believes you will be able to pull through with this idea.

Additionally, this, I guess - Not an “existing gamemode” but still somewhat fitting:

Your FP bio has this

And your ‘portfolio’ is literally a slideshow.
You’re flooding the forum with unoriginal ideas. The way you get a key right now is through someone else nominating you (aka a popularity contest) and pleading your case for you, showing your previous work. Continuing doing what you are doing right now is literally sabotaging your own chances at even being nominated by an existing tester, yet alone being noticed and getting a key that way.


Bruh what the hell is going on with the forums lately

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