Takeo and Richthofen killing stuff.

So I had a go at scenebuilds, I think I’ve made one other scenebuild, like 2 years ago.
Idk if I like how it turned out or not, tbh. But that’s why you guys are here!


Please comment, rate and C&C! :slight_smile:

nazi japany and the empire of gahman

Looks like they traveled to the future again and fighting a different type of zombie. Anyways it looks nice.

the blood doesn’t match the lighting

but the rest is good

Superb editing of the lightning, good sir.

Reminds me of black ops.

i really like it, but theres some thing with takeo’s left eye that bothers me

The white dot on his right eye makes it look like the eyes aren’t looking in the same direction…

Nice scenebuild and great editing.

But the ray gun doesn’t fire like that :v:

It does, I don’t know if the circles are quite so tightly placed when it fires though. But if you fire and don’t hit anything it’s just a beam of circles

You got the tracers right, but they’re spaced WAY too closely together, looks like it’s firing full auto with double tap on.