Taking back our motherland, inches by inches, until we all die.


V1 : http://uppix.net/b/3/5/d7abdc9060830274575bbd54d8fef.jpg

A bit high on contrast there, the lower part of the picture is nearly black. Can hardly see anything and I’ve got a bright screen.

very atmospheric.

A little too much contrast, but it has nice feeling in it.

the snow looks too flat and pasted on compared to the ridiculously high contrast of the rest of the piece

The snow ruins it. The contrast I can live with, but I can’t see shit because of the snow.

Updated, less contrast, less snow.

Could be a film screenshot. Looks amazing, music fits perfectly.


I like it.


Is my first attempt dont laugh loll

Not terrible but you make your own fucking thread instead of hijacking someone else’s you giant fucking gimp

All mother russia pictures should be in 1 thread, my lover.

Im sorry it’s just I am really new ):

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