Taking down the Guard

Just wanted to try some stitching since I haven’t done one in a long time. This image was just asking to be stitched because a single image wasn’t enough to capture all the action.


Random Bonus (because I did it at the same time and figured what the hell)


More dods please.

Were those Combine Soldiers NPCs? Either way, that picture is FAKKING ORRSUM.

In-game flashes or whatever they are in the first picture look pretty bad, especially the one on the left; it’s like 5cm away from the barrel and slightly misaligned.

Posing is cool though.

Same goes for the second picture; slightly misaligned flash. The flash is horribly bright too - it’s not even dark but it’s lighting that wall up like a flare. Cool posing and composition though.

Nice posing
but the second pic is too bright on the left.

The posing is good but I’m just not feelin’ them man :smith:

Aw, ok :smith:

NPCs? No. Really felxible .phy file? Yes.

I honestly didn’t really notice the muzzle flash was so far apart until after post-processing. In this case, it wouldn’t be possible to really fix without going back in game (because then the flash would most likely look ridiculously big if edited. Considering how large the gap is, shiiiit). The second one I didn’t think was too bad (placement wise) but I see what you mean. It could have been closer.

What art those bullet hole wound thingies! I like!

But yeah, something is missing.

But the posing is great!

Bonus is better than first image.

I was hoping for WW2, but this was nice.

how did you get the combine to have the flexible .phys model?