Taking Firearm SWEP requests

Give me a firearm, and preferably a link to the model and skin to the SWEP you want made into a working gun. This is for those who do not know how to use lua. You can PM me or just post here. The guns will be made in the order in which I receive them, so please be patient. :smiley:

EDIT: I know more now and can make what you want, not just guns.

you should really make the either the MP5 submachine gun or the some really old weapons like from the 40s say Mp-40 submachine gun or Thompson SubMachine Gun, but for gods sake don’t make it with a 20 round clip. anywho back on topic another cool thing to make is actual military vehicles. making a movie with them would be great :). like the Jeep and i am talking about the one from WWII or a Sherman Tank. anyways these are my ideas

I’m really interested in seeing some more so called “five minutes SWEPs” for GMOD 10. I’d like to see an MP7, G3, pretty much anything with a grenade launcher attached, a Walther WA2000, PSG-1, oh, a MGL140 would be flipping sweet. I don’t know where you’d find alot of these models, although I believe the FPS banana has an MP7, G3, and PSG-1.

If you’re doing more than just firearms, how about a katana and butterfly knife?

How about that gun from the movie Aliens, the pulse rifle. Heres a link… http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/projects/aliens/m41.htm
and heres another http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M41A_pulse_rifle . Thanks in advance.

how about a gun that makes wire mod contraptions easier? and not a 5 second swep that any one could make

Can you explain?


I’ll be right on those, and does anyone know if you can use cs cz and cs 1.6 guns on gmod?

Even more for you to do, if you so desire…

how about a wooden baseball bat that breaks after a number of hits? Machete?

Oh yeah and one weapon I’ve amazed that I’ve never seen models of… THE STRIKER-12 STREET SWEEPER SHOTGUN! If you were to make a decently well working SWP of that, you would be GOD.

A double barrelled (side by side or over-under) shotgun would be cool.

And a .500 Magnum with some decent animations… I’m so tired of seeing Gordon somehow stick all six of those .357 cartridges in at once without even using a speed loader…

Thank you! And I appreciate the link to the PSG-1!

Any more?

I know there are lots of nuke sweps but make some nuke wepon please.

I’d like a sniper rifle of any model. That is only a one shot kill if you hit them in the head. I don’t want an instant kill gun. But the really important part is I want it to be able to zoom in really far. Like if I zoom in with it it all the way I can tell you some one’s eye color across freespace. Can you do it?



Bumping your own thread makes you look dumb and want ratings. If no one posts in it don’t bump it, they obviously aren’t interested. Also, there is a Lua forum.

I don’t want ratings, I want something to do. and no they probably haven’t seen it, that’s why I’m bumping it.

No need to be a smartass.

well, instead of letting your bump go to waste, how about the black hole grenade (hopwire) from episode one?

you enter in the console:

“hopwire_vortex 1”

“give weapon_hopwire”

WA2000 would be godlike.

turret gun, you know the ones in ep1 that you can just place :slight_smile:

We need more gatling guns, vulcans, and miniguns.

You should build a Golden desert eagle with laser sight and a scope on it. That would be pretty sweet.

Find me a model as I would love to make it and have looked everywhere, NOT FOR CS CZ.


Although thouse are all pretty much the same gun, sure?

i am already doing that only problem is i have not got the gun model