Taking gamemode suggestions.

Hey guys, I’m a gamemode developer that has ran out of ideas and the will to create anything on Garry’s Mod.

Give me some suggestions so I can rediscover my creativity.

same problem but looking at dev discuss, addon/gm release and scriptfodder does inspire/help

You make gamemode only? Can I suggest small addon or darkrp thingy?

Is FortWars still a thing? If not, maybe make a Gmod version of SourceForts in an actual gamemode rather than Sandbox with guns.

Whatever happened to the garrysmod version of robot wars? Someone should make that again.

Other suggestions include an actual racing gamemode (given the closest one we’ve had is currently virtually all but forgotten courtesy of some poor decisions), perhaps some sort of co-op npc survival gamemode (think in terms like you are sitting there with 4 of your friends while 30 or so combine rush you from around the map)…

I had this idea the other day, to make a Dragon Ball (Z/GT/Super) styled game, where players can fight each other in a way somewhat locked like Super Dragon Ball Z for PlayStation 2

Horde gamemode?

You start out with a crowbar and earn money for each NPC bot kill. Tougher the enemy, the more points you get. Could have a bonus for killing a harder enemy with a weaker weapon.

You have a buy menu of various weapons including some of the comedy SWEPs people have made. Better the weapon, the more it costs.

Enemies come in waves and are gradually spawned at various points in the map, the idea (building on yours) is to survive. The gamemode could be made incredibly difficult if not impossible, with a leaderboard of people who have survived the most waves. As the wave number goes up, the number of enemies increases.

Each wave has a “boss” enemy or two who take a lot of punishment to put down and who in turn can kill players with ease.

Achievements could be awarded based on the usual statistics such as number of enemies defeated, survived n waves without damage, defeated x boss single-handedly and so on.

Most of these ideas I’ve ripped from Chivalry’s horde servers but they should transpose nicely into Gmod!

Damn if I wasn’t busy with other stuff I’d make this myself.

Throw in scripted attacks for certain npcs such as bosses and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The only thing I see becoming an issue is ping. I’ve complained a few times in the redirect server discussions about how ping is a pretty big variable when we are talking about a first person shooter, except we don’t nearly have as much lag comp against NPCs as we do against actual players. Although, I suppose you could script the weapons to hit-trace clientside and send info to the server about successful hits, ergo trusting the client, as it’s only NPCs that will suffer for it.

if you trust the client with hitreg though, you could simply make a few lines of “Lua hack” wich then loops through all NPCs, and hitregs them with said code, aka exploitable, thats actually too much of an trust. And not every server got an Anti-Cheat, like CaC or LaC. Infact, I’ve seen many servers over the past few months without any cheat protection, and exploited addons.

We rather need plan how to get darkrp players to play our gamemodes

That’s easy. Get pewdiepie or whoever the flavor of the month is to do a lets play.

What’s the player landscape of Gmod like now? Last I played we had a lot of different gamemodes on dedicated Fretta servers which was great fun.

You’ve been out of the game for a long time friend. Since the fretta wave, youtubers took notice of Garry’s Mod and saw it as a great way to literally plaster on gags and memes for quick ad-revenue.

Their two most favorite gamemodes for doing this are DarkRP and Prophunt (although I think Prophunt is now being swapped out for Murder). Since the youtubers came in and started their money laundering business, their undying hordes of preteen ratbags (to put it politely) have believed that because pewdiepie or markiplier played this game and it looked fun, it will be fun for them too (not understanding what a script is)

Fastforward a bit, now these kids have realized that its easy to run a server and get money. They get a group of their closest friends from school, promise admin to each of them, then ask mummy and daddy to buy a server for them for $30 a month. They get a bunch of scripts from coderhi… i mean scriptfodder, and invite all their friends at school. Charge for VIP, insta profit, no effort required.

This is literally Garry’s Mod now. Thousands of DarkRP servers that are almost indistinguishable from one another due to them all using pre-packaged coderhi… i mean scriptfodder addons, all being managed by people so young they aren’t even in highschool yet, and all of them literally being aids with barely a speck of originality between them.

The Garry’s Mod you knew is gone friend. It’s now RP Mod.

Blimey it really has gone to crap, I feel so old.

Some ideas I’ve had for a while, but could all be crap.

I though there already a sourcefort gamemode?

If you mean Garry’s Bots, it was alittle broken for awhile but I went ahead and made some unofficial fixes a month or so ago. Nobody seems to be playing it though, sadly.

Here’s a suggestion:

Rig a player model or two with some skateboarding trick animations and build a skatepark map.

Gmod might not handle the physics very well, so… er good luck!

RTS like Warmelons.
Garry’s Mod really needs RTS gamemodes again.

Or even (moving away from RTS again) some kind of melon racer deluxe - with epic jumps off buildings, around corners, etc.

There’s already a skateboarding and bmx gamemode.