Taking Hill 400



The blood is weird but I love the smoke. Good job mate

stop using the damn nVidia AO, it looks like ass. look at the leftmost guy and you should be able to see why.

calm down man, it’s a fucking game

That mentality doesn’t sit well with most of us. You’re right, it is a game, but we’re here to be good at it. Joazzz is giving good advice. If Ginge doesn’t want to improve, they can ignore him, but there’s no point in stepping in between them and throwing your opinion like that if all it does is question what it is we do here.

The mentality is based on the type of person. I don’t have your mentality and i think to not be the only one. It’s a game, It’s not a work that give me money. It’s just a hobby. Nothing else.

nobody is talking to you. GingeGaming is clearly ambitious about the stuff he makes, and i respect that and want him to get better, so he will receive the advice that is due.

the blood would work better if it was much darker, by the way. in its current state it looks a bit like tomato sauce.

the way it’s “moving” also looks like it came out of one huge hole as one big chunk - try to think about how the liquid and brain matter (and whatever else flies out) would actually move when they come out of a bullet hole.

Hey hey, no need for arguing over lil old me, Joazzz not gonna lie I just forgot to disable it and when I started it was too late. Next pic I do I’ll have it disabled.

Then why are you posting here at all then if you’re not looking to improve or get better at it? A hobby that you’re not trying to get better at is a pretty shit hobby.