Taking model request?

Anyone taking model request in here? Like porting xnalara or mmd to Gmod? I’d to paid.

I could do, depending on the model

That’s great! Add me on steam as friend :wink: . It’s really simple model but weight paint might be the problem.

Still needed. I’d to paid if anyone can port player model for me . Thanks

What is the model?

Add me on steam . We will talk about it. Just added.

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Still looking for someone who like to port me a model. :smiley:
P/S: Make sure you have time to do it , I’ve been adding two people that comment on this post said they’re busy to make another model.


You will honestly have more luck if you just post here what you need instead of saying through steam. All it does if you do that is make it look shady AF.

First. Sorry for my bad English.

What do you mean I’m shady? It’s better talking my request through steam than here, since I want my model to be private. It’s just humanoid character from a kids cartoon called Doraemon nothing else.

I’m even tried to port it to the game but I don’t have enough knowledge to do that. You can search my lastest post about I’m asking how to solve model invisible problem.

I’ve been asking a few people that made model on Garry’s Mod Workshop , all they say they accept my request but busy to do another request/thing.

How would your model be private if its ripped from a public game?

Private doesn’t mean I’m own the model. I just said private mean the port version of it for gmod doesn’t public on Workshop. That’s all. Why we bother argue each other about this. I’m just looking for someone to take model request that’s all.

Cool! The model I had in mind was a manticore

Still looking :D!