Taking models from other games and putting in gMod?

I want to take a model from a Source MOD I have and put it in gMod (11).


Okay… so, does it work? Do you have any problems you want us to help you out with?

I have Goldeneye: Source. I want to take the models (or at least the player models) and put it in gMod. I tried editing a spawnlist and replacing it’s directories (whatever) to the player models of the game, but it’s icon is the big ERROR thing. So, is it possible to make a spawnlist to the SourceMod?

Did you actually extract the models and materials into your gmod folder?

Tried that, won’t work. Do I put the materials, model, AND settings in a folder I made in addons? (Settings = spawnlist)

Create a folder in addons. Throw in the materials and models. Do not create a spawnlist yet. Go ingame, in the spawn menu select the folder, and right click on any model and select “Create Spawnlist with all of these models”. Go to the spawnlist and press the little Diskette icon, and you should be done.