Taking off accident permaban

I accidentally permabanned my friend when i was supposed to ban him for 1 hour. Is there any way to take the ban off?

How do you even do that.

What admin plugin are you using?

best friend evvr

I have no admin mods, im just using the basic server. The banned peoples names gotta be stored somewhere. You know the Kick, Ban 1h and PermBan buttons in the player menu. They are so small.

I tried the console command “removeid”. Says the ID is invalid.

Go to gmod/cfg/banned_user.cfg and remove his ID from there and change maps.

There is not a banned_user.cfg file there :frowning:

Try using the command “ulx unban <steam_id>” with his ID

wait no whoops that was a ULX command
is the server dedicated or local

Local, i quess. If i click the Start Multiplayer button when selecting a map, i quess its local.

Type “removeid <your friends steamid here>” and then “writeid” in the server’s console.

It worked, thanks.