Taking on small requestes


Shouldn’t this go in the request forum?

You should probably get a game from the orange box so you can map with the orangebox engine, its a much “prettier” engine (I don’t use that likely) but you have more features available in it.

I thought you were already working on a map.

Also, get the orange box and map with the ep2 engine.

Also, try making your own maps from your own imagination. If you want to be a mapper this is one skill you will have to learn. Cant always rip off other maps and use other peoples ideas.

Wrong section.

Why should we ask you? What makes you different from other mappers?

You need to give us a reason to want to ask you, OP.

Show us your work.

OP, please make me a supermarket; one story, no bigger than 1024x1024x256, as optimized as possible.

SNIP? Damnit, you stole away people’s chances.

OP, I already asked for a supermarket.

I better get it :argh: