Taking out the bird..

Inspired by a recent and absolutely epic occurrence in ArmA II multiplayer.

Me and about 14 squad-mates were pinned down in and around a bunker by a helicopter. I, having no other ideas, retreated far enough that I could see into his canopy and headshotted the pilot from 500 yards away with one shot, guessing bullet drop on the first try.

The amazed and confused shouts from my team mates made it a truly beautiful moment.


Looks good. Explosion edit is ok, but the scene’s a bit empty. Could use some barrels or something. Also the image is pretty small so it’s hard to see details.

I’m not pro, but I suggest adding some Film Grain

The cracks on the window looks really shitty

The barrel of the gun isn’t pointing at the helicopter.

I like it

I’d suggest giving this another shot, pretty neat idea :).