Taking Out the Don

wow that took awhile

and here’s the original, though there’s not much to see

and just for fun, have an alternate unedited angle to see his silly face

Nice pose, idea, and edit! Great job Henry!

God damn! Everything looks great! Only gripe I have is that there should be a bit more blood. Awesome job man!

No tracers here

I am happy.

Faceposing is wonderful.

a 45 would do WAY MORE damage than that.


but it’s p good


missing shells, though. that’s the biggest thing that bothers me.


oh wait nevermind, ok, yeah, I see them. But shells don’t “drop.” They get flung out of the ejection chamber – probably a good two-three feet. Yours are just falling out.

I know absolutely nothing about weapons, but I tried. Thanks for your input, yo.

And just where did that beautiful trenchoat model come from?

he made it

he will probably release it soon.


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Go for it guys, it seems totally legit.

Don’t comment on the troll. Because this thread is definitely about Xbox Live.

Better or worse?


Worse imo.

Yeah I think he is dead now. Not just shot up.

It’s very good, but it would have been nice to see a few more impacts on the wall and the chair, with dust and debris flying around. By the way, I love that trench coated model, where’d you get it?

hooly fuck that looks nice, great work man


how did you make the bulletholes? are they completely hand drawn?

looks good

one thing i realized that would look WAY AWESOME is if you had some debris and smoke and shit flying out of the impacts, but i’d save that effort for something new.

I thought about this too, but yea

IIRC a .45acp entry wound is nickel-quarter sized so the size of the holes in the first image are accurate but the splatters behind him in the second are greatly improved. definitely need more blood “wicking” into the clothes at the wound rather than shooting out.

excellent lighting, posing is also spot on.