Taking Playermodel Requests

I am currently taking Playermodel requests. My only rules are that the models can’t be too big, too small, or on a different skeleton.
Already done
[tab]Gasmask Combine[/tab]Link

[tab]My Shortsleeve Perskin[/tab]Link

[tab]Neibe Gafig[/tab] Link

I can only do one at a time, so if your request isn’t done right away, don’t get angry. Also, I don’t use GMod.org anymore, so don’t ask for me to upload there.
I am looking for:


So, if the model isn’t on the HL2, CS:S, or DoD:S rig, DON’T POST IT

Wait, do you do requests of playermodels? Like “i wanna combine with a afro” and you model that and compiles it to be a playermodel or just like “Here is a ragdoll, do it into a playermodel”?

That one.

Can I have a citizen_07 head hack onto a trench coat and an ushanka?

I said for you to give me a ragdoll and ask, not ask me to modelhack.

Damn I was hoping I’d be able to give you the light and heavy spetsnaz models from Singularity and you could rig them to the Valve biped and make them in to player models. They don’t have a skeleton or anything, so they need to be skinned to one first.

Oh well.

can you make this model a playermodel.

P.S. dont say that it is a working playermodel.i tried it out and it doesnt have playeranimations. its only an npc ragdoll.

Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?onvgymdmmzz
Full player animations.

Well crap,might as well post my request.
in this pack,i would like the ragdoll char3.mdl to be as a playermodel.


I object!


fear models

-snip rate me boxes-

Here we are.

Playermodel’d please?

I would like to request a Link player-model since no one has done that yet.

I would also love this to be made into a playermodel.

Can you make chell into a player model? Assuming you have portal?

Kirby (If it IS possible)?

I think you should make the Team Fortress 2 playermodels.I know that someone has already made he Spy and the Sniper models but it would be awesome to play as the Heavy :v:. Thanks in advance.