Taking Playermodel Requests

No, that requires rigging. He can’t do that.

Same as above.


Do this please :smiley:

Fu- Nevermind. I just read you don’t do headhacks and otherwise.

Oh perfect, I have a custom ragdoll a friend of mine recently made. I need someone to make it into a player model.

it can be found here.


It’s all ready for animations and everything, my friend just can’t get it to work as a player model. It’s more of an LUA issue I think.

If you do this for me I’d be really fucking grateful

Too short.

Working on it.

Too many models.

Won’t allow me to decompile.

Can’t compile, missing a texture.

Too short to give animations, for it would stretch like Slenderman.

Won’t decompile.

Open the .mdl in notepad and change “IDST0” into “IDST,”

Hopefully the advice shotgun gave you will work for my model request as well, thank you for at least trying though


Ah and my friend just mentioned he compiled it in source 2007, so decompiling in an older decompiler won’t work

Yes it will.
What I posted will fix that problem.

Oh good, thank you man, with luck that’ll solve the problem and I’ll have a player model later.

OP, I would like a player model of your mom.

Just tried it, it’s still “unable to load model”

Which model of her?

Wanted Suit

I made a playermodel of this easy, here : http://www.mediafire.com/?tjlmidjmt5m


Cannot be done, not the hl2 skeleton.

I thought you were taking requests. I’m requesting your mom. Get to work.

Too short to give animations, for it would stretch like Slenderman.

Define “stretch like Slenderman”

Damn, that sucks, if you still have the .SMDs can you send me them? I probably know someone that can help me fix it.

this model please:

You should really add “If the model isn’t on the HL2, CS:S, or DoD:S rig, DON’T POST IT” to the OP.

People just don’t seem to understand things like kirby or spyro won’t work.

Kar-re you fucking rock man. Thank you.

fear model

Combine Administrator models: