Taking 'postal' up on his offer. and what is up with this forum?


Says reply TO the thread, not ON it. So here I am replying TO it. Hoorrah for exemption and working the system! I should of been a lawyer!
(Plus no matter how smart you think you are always someone smarter :p)

But now that I have your attention and am now Ban free and hopefully lightened the mood some I as a new user have a few things to ask, suggest and comment on.
Going through this forum I have to say I was surprised to see a great many bans and the reasons for them, often some with a low post count banned for something while those with a few thousand posts get passed on by, for example, I’ve read the ‘rules’ as vague as many of them are and I have to say as a long time gamer and peruser of gaming forums that this site is a little bit confusing, especially for those used to using a fairly standard and accepted forum style.

How does one post in the right area, when it seems there is no right area? No sub forums featuring specific categories. Do you have to use the right icon to make it the right ‘category’???
Seems a few people have pointed out as such, especially new users just to be met with hostility and comments of being ‘stupid’ and ‘read trello’ and bans. (Which I had never heard of in all my years until I joined here and from what I see is some half arsed version of twitter.

Would it not be simpler to make a more standard, easy to follow forum, with more clearly defined rules that make a lot more sense to the average person and a more clearer way of people knowinbg how and where to post? Surely it would mean less Bans for new users and less hostile comments from those users and admins who have been here forever and seem to expect everyone gets what they have had a couple of years to learn within 2 minutes of joining.
I see if someone is ‘breaking’ the rules and someone tries to help by pointing it out, POW! Banned for replying instead of reporting, while a post or 2 down or on another thread some guy with 4000 posts does the same thing and seems to be given a free pass, heck some even mention mods by name in their 'you’re breaking the rules - come lock the thread and ban this guy (admin name here).

I am genuinely surprised to see people paying good money to support a company get treated this way.

Why all the hostility here? Why a system that seems designed for the Developer, staff and fanboys to jump on and attack the uninitiated? Wouldn’t a more standard and easier to understand format be for the benefit of all?
Wouldn’t it increase sales and be better PR to be a little more friendly?
I like Rust so far but I honestly cannot recommend it to others I know for fear their input on these forums will be met with huge ego’s, disdain, hostility or a ban. And being an Alpha/Early Access, they like most fronting up the cash, will want to offer input.

I do not know, it seems like madness and a weird way of doing things. If someone could point me to a game that handles and does things this way I’d like to see it. Did I join a forum for a game I am financially supporting or did I buy into an exclusive club where I am to hand over money then shut up until told I can speak?
Most alphas and early access I see seems to be about offering up thoughts on the product.

Heck I am not even sure what this should be posted under so I will go with rant, help, politics, question? It’s just not that clear for new people and this should be obvious to staff and long timers by the amount of new users banned and the obviously shitty attitudes of the established. Should this not send a message that maybe, just maybe, facepunch is perhaps going about it all wrong?
I’d honestly suggest the people at the top have a think about changing things up, and making life easier for all. As for now it just seems like it’s set up for people to be nasty and shooting yourselves in the foot.

Any ways that’s my 2 cents, make of it what you will. (I’ll go for rant and hope for the best as from what I have seen there will be a few that won’t take to kindly to being called out…)
Let the name calling commence.

(User was banned for this post ("Off-topic / crap thread" - MaxOfS2D))

It’s just a shame that the phrase “reply on a thread” makes literally no sense. Oh the irony of claiming superior intellect with such a basic grammatical failure.

It says reply to THIS thread, not start a new thread.

Well, what you see here is what happens to pretty much every forum that got a lot of attention in a rather short amount of time. It has been growing too fast and things that worked in the past no longer work as it is now.

As it looks like, Rust was ‘just’ a subforum at some point and right now has way outgrown that and should be split up further, as the attention on this single section makes things confusing.

I can’t say much about any hostility as I’ve not been here long enough, but from experience its the same old story of too many new players that come with the “hype”.
A community that might have been mostly niche players that were well informed and easier to handle than a crowd of tag alongs that just come with the hype, are not informed at all, don’t read posts etc. etc. especially for moderator volunteers this gets after a while pretty taxing.

It’s easy to point out things in a way that sounds hostile or agressive, even though it is not meant that way. Pointing to the search function for example is always a no-go, because it rarely if ever helps the player any further. Looking for something with it, if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for makes 8 out of 10 searches a waste of time.

Different staff members handle things differently. Especially in forums that grow over time this gets more and more obvious the longer people are around. Thats normal and while having guidelines for the mods help to avoid too drastic changes from one staff member to another you will always find this in one way or the other.

The real issue I see with your post is that you point out what is or might be wrong, but not a lot of suggestions how to alleviate this or some way to improve things as they are now? Do you have suggestions or some overview of what sections might be helpful?

As for different handling of mod decisions where one mod acted differently for the same situation as another I’d use a PM instead of a thread here to one of the responsible staff members. When it has to do with ban decisions, threads will nearly always cause flames and hot discussions if they are public. If you ask the acting mod nicely in a pm on the current rules regarding a certain issue because different staff members made a different decision for the same offense it might be easier to get them to agree on something internally and sorting it out than having a big flaming topic with lots of unproductive posts.

We’re not fanboys. When you look at the statistics the majority of the hostility and bans that you’re talking about come from the Rust forum. I’ll try not to sound too pretentious with this but here it goes. Facepunch isn’t your normal gaming forum, in case you haven’t noticed we have sub-forums for a variety of topics with only a fraction actually being gaming related. Heck, we even have a sub-forum for discussing drugs and we previously had a cooking sub-forum (God rest its soul <3)

The rules aren’t vague and anybody who is as ‘intelligent’ as you claim to be should be able to interpret them just fine instead of being a smart-ass about it. Want to fit in? Follow the three L’s.
We really are different and varied group of people and we all have our own reactions to things. You love Rust? Fine. You don’t want to recommend it because of the forums? Fine. We don’t need PR help, we’re doing just fine and the sales of Rust are through the roof.

Forgive me if I sound hostile but it takes a while to get used to how things run around here and if it takes a few bans for you to realize that so be it. The mods are only doing their job and in actual fact every single one of the bans that they do make line up with the rules in place. They don’t abuse their positions of power and It’s appreciated by the bulk of the community.

Facepunch has been going strong for upwards of seven years now, we don’t need drastic changes.