Taking requests for Snack and Drink Models

Anything varying from Chips, to bottles of soda, to soda cans. Just post a request here. You must also have a reference image.

I want chips and bottles of soda and soda cans.

Haha. Well, any specific ones?

Do one of these


and one of these

I don’t need them for anything, but I know how you feel when you want to model something and don’t know what.

Update: Finished an A&W bottle and a coca cola bottle:


media tagged for bigness.


Another update lol.

Just added a Dorito model and a doritos bag:


OM NOM NOM NOM. Sorry for flatgrass. No reason to load a huge map to test a model.

Make a hotdog.

Ah ok. Clever lol

Make this one please :



A closer look at the logo:



I will get started on these right away :slight_smile:

Bag of popcorn - Candy bars - I’l post Pics and more when i get some sleep - i could use this for my Moive Threadier