Taking Swep Requests

I dont know why, but i figured i would go for a request thread, just pop your ideas here, and ill try my best, Try and keep the requests on a normal level… Nothing rude, Thanks

Hey Wizey, I got a request for you :smiley:

A “Prop Ghosting” Swep like in one of the Fretta gamemode. (Forgot the name.)

The player can use the swep to go inside the prop and control it.
The prop will have physics instead of just changing the playermodel of the player to a prop.

Just for fun so we can trick our friends or just plain hide and seek prop style :smiley:

i dont know how easy this would be, But it would be really nice to see something just like regular hands, except that when you left click you play a citizen Sound, and right changes what that sound is. It would be really nice for rping and making videos. :slight_smile:

Actually that has already been made :smiley: : http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=692867&highlight=Speak

Prop ghosting huh, im pretty sure theres a script out there that lets you do that, go have a search for it, i dont really want to amke something thats already been done, i already have all my “exactly like the real thing” dod weapons, but im not releasing them, and im still working on tf2 weapons.

What i am doing?

Airstrike SWEP like in Worms. There will be a transparent line in the ground where you are looking at showing where the bombs would go, right click to rotate and left click to set. A few seconds after setting the position a row of bombs will fall in the line and explode.
There could be different styles of airstrikes like Laser beams, mines and cluster bombs.

I’d like to see a Medigun that works on NPCs, and if you heal them they become loyal to you and everything else you healed (probably done by assigning that NPC to a player faction)


Ooh, also how about the fire extinguisher from the HL2 beta? :smiley:

Here we request Sweps, not SNPCs.

Bolter, bolt pistol, and chainsword sweps

get busy

I dont model… and i dont take orders, Hakita, the air strike swep seems kinda hard to code i must say, im not good with placement :stuck_out_tongue: but ill give it a go, more requests if you want, i dont mind.

Could you make a cool set of Bolt action rifles? Like the Lee Enfield, Kar98, Springfield,Remington 700, and so on and so forth? It would be awesome

Flak Cannon.


Do it.

Please? ):

I’d like to see a swep that drops a bomb like the nuke, except no dmg and just prop blasting waves. Could be on a smaller scale also, so like a grenade that pushes everything and breaks prop bonds.

I’d also like a grenade that breaks prop bonds.

Also a shrap grenade? Is that possible?

@ 80% of the people in this thread, I CANT MODEL!!

Then do this

Can you make an edit of the Redeemer (guided!) nuke rocket, (NO MODELS REQUIRE!!) but not explode in a nuke, so it’s like a rocket that surveys the area?
PS. Doesn’t take ammo!

I wasn’t asking you to model it.

Both of my requests you don’t need models for, you can rip the fire extinguiser viewmodel from Missing Information, and the Medigun model is in TF2 anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Silverlan made the medigun, go check that out, and a fire extinguisher?