Taking the Heli daun!

check this out:

guy on my serwa claims he got naked and took the heli down with the assault rifle and fire bullets. i dont believe that.
also says if you have a repair bench heli wont fire rockets at ya. Sounds even more unbelievable!

Now what?

naked playas wont be attacked…does being naked and firing with a rocket launcher count as naked?
are rockets “fire and forget” ?
why dont i just hide in a rad building helis cant damage them right !?

i got killed while holding a rock on a beach by heli, so no…
and yes, you can kill heli with an assount rifle and fire bullet, explo bullet, fast bullets… bullets…
it just takes many of them… best cost/gain is bolt as it does more dmg each bullet and its simple to aim

I think it ignores you aslong as you don’t have any guns on you. (Incl. crappy ones such as waterpipe shotgun lol)

im gonna score this evening and post a report if ill survive this ^^

again… heli will atack you while butt naked with nothing on your hands… its just a matter of luck
i got ROCKETED while i was farming stones with my starting rock…
its pretty random