Talent Needed!

Alright, i’m going to start by making this point obvious. I SUCK AT BUILDING, AND CODING. << Sorry for caps, just needed to make a point. Anyway, I would very much like it if someone could make me a missile. A flyable missile that you can make go up, down, left, and right. It would also be nice if it is explode-able ;D PLEASE help me out, here. I’ve really wanted one for a long time!

Build missile body

Wire some thrusters onto it

(optional) wire some hoverballs to it

wire sensor or what ever they are called to an explosion to go off if it’s activated - place on the nosecone.

place chair

wire pod controller to chair

decorate (don’t forget huladoll)


I haven’t had a computer that is capable to play gmod for two years now or so. Instructions may differ from today’s gmod. Also my memory might be corrupt.


thanks mister!

i need help, i need a couple of ragdolls made from art work done by my sister. i’ll make sure that the art work will be as clear as posible. if any one is intrested please e-mail at tripprules@yahoo.com.