Tales From The Galactopticon needs experienced character riggers!

Hi there! I am TH89, and I need your help! Specifically, the mod I am working on (along with Jaanus and PLing and other people you may know) is in dire need of people who can rig character models for animation and ragdolling.

This is the mod:

Characters that might need your help!

We have a few people who can rig stuff, but everyone is doing multiple jobs and they’re often too busy to complete every part of the process. So if you’re an experienced character rigger and can help us out, please PM me your Steam info and we’ll get it crackalackin.

I might be able to scrounge someone up, actually. Will take some talking and some time, though.

what program are you working with? I’ve done plenty of rigging for source before, but I use blender.

Yeah, I could use a structured project. I’m interested.

I’ve only rigged custom ragdolls, but nothing to Source’s NPC’s skeleton or any playermodel. I’m willing to learn though.

I have experience in 3ds Max.

We’re primarily using 3ds Max. I didn’t know you could rig Source models in Blender.

this is in no way important but it kept bugging me so I fixed the mafia goons hands


Thanks but they are still broken ingame

If you liked my work last time, I guess I join the project if you’ll have me.

It’s like the white rebel with the black hands in half life 2.

It’s a developer thingy.

Well last time i rigged one of them for you guys, i think it was that female Kal. That dean sent me from skype. Didn’t you guys already got that rig from me?

Anyways, i help out again, if you need.

I rigged that.

I heard, it need fixing, From what Th89 said, they never got the one i rigged for them, at the time it was still new.