Tales From the Galactopticon: Picture Book Version

Figured I’d make a thread dedicated to Galactopticon related poses and pictures, since the mod needs way more attention and promotion.

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First of All, Here’s the mod Synopsis:

It is the future. Human beings have recently come into possession of faster-than-light travel, and many of the nations of Earth (most notably the United States, China, and Great Britain) have rapidly come into their own as mercantile powers. But no arm of the law, however long, can fully cover the vast expanse of space, and those carrying valuable cargo between stars often fall victim to interstellar pirate ships, many of them now crewed by humans. Our hero, John Solomon, is a Laituurian hired gun on the Winning Smile, one of the most feared vessels in the sector. When the Smile is contracted by transstellar the Yellow Cab Company to relieve a the British Empire of their most prized alien artifact, he is thrust into a world of interstellar intrigue, espionage, and alcoholism. Fortunately, the chain-smoking Solomon is just the man, as it were, for the job.


Facepunch thread can be found HERE.

And then for some starting content:




These were all edited by Uberslug.

So yeah, feel free to post your Galactopticon related poses and pictures in this thread.

Uberslug has and always will be my favorite editor.

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Ever think about a tutorial or two Uber?

Honestly I make a lot of this shit up as I go along. Especially for the rain this time, I’m trying out a weird new idea. Not sure if it’s better or not yet.

I have to say, playing through the alpha version, I can already tell this mod is going to be really fucking sweet.


fucking blasted

wo-wow, where did you get the de lorian model?

I really love second pic. Smoke, cool light, raining and diffraction. All are great!

This looks like it was drawn, great job both of you guys.

fun fact, I rigged that cop

Love the second picture. The effects on the windows are just amazing.

Quick question, what was the reason for the current art direction of the mod?

holy fuck this thread is awesome

For fun!

Do you have a robot stripper model with ACTUAL ARM PHYSICS

no physics atm

That’s unfortunate.

And uber, since when did you hang out in the screen shot sub forum.

Interesting. Nice posing Ilwrath and nice edits Uber.

Uberslug has been around here for ages, before he was even a moderator.

Unless my memory is shit and he wasn’t, but i’m pretty sure he was.

Fun fact: He’s sitting inside the back to the future delorean in the second picture.

Uberslug went lazy on rain edits.

wow rude

also yeah I used to be in the screenshots forum like ALL DA TIME (check my thread history)

but then I got mad at GMod and stopped posing cos SCREW GMOD