Tales of series models?

Has anyone gotten any models from the tales series, there is not a lot of models and there hasn’t been any model rips of tales games for ps3 and pc.


It’s an in-house engine, unnamed as far as I know, but I think QuickBMS works with the game’s .DAT files.

So, what are the internal names for each .DAT file and what it could probably be?

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QuickBMS is a tool that extracts files from games, one of them being the tales of games, if I remember correctly. Download it and run it on one of the .DAT files in your games directory. That should extract stuff from it. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, try a different .DAT file.

Got any file samples?

Anyone used ninjaripper, it works on it, and also the link to the model is broken on one the vg resource threads, so maybe someone could do use this tool to get the models.


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