Tales of Symphonia weapon prop's

[release]Hello hello, and welcome! These are my latest in prop ports. Includes a lot of sword props from the wii game Tales of Symphonia!


…Symphonia wasn’t a wii game. Sure you don’t mean Dawn of the New World?

That is tales of symphonia…

Yeah, Dawn of the New World IS the Symphonia Wii game. Your post is mistakenly saying Symphonia 1 stuff was ported to the Wii, when the 1st game was on the PS2 and Gamecube. lol

Never said it was ported i said weapons ported.

So wait, they’re not yours?

(Also edited my post above.)

Its mine, their weapons i Pported FROM the game. Not “from the ported symphonia game.” I never said it was symphoniaia 1. i just symphonia…

Ah, alrighty. I think I get what you’re saying now.
(Confused me for a sec.)