Tales of York

So, I was assigned a little school project to make a comic related to World War I. After checking a small list of “topics” for us to choose from, I selected to base my story upon Alvin York, one of the most famed war heroes in the history of the United States. Of course, having absolutely no skill in drawing whatsoever, I proceeded to procure my comic with tools on hand, a la Garry’s Mod.

At first I thought that Garry’s Mod would make making this project extremely easy (seeing as how I’ve barely made anything with it). However, to my absolute dismay, I found a ton of things (namely ragdoll posing) to be really quite difficult. Thankfully, NPC’s solved that problem somewhat brilliantly. Anyways, the comic turned out not as good as I wanted: I had about 8 hours to start and complete it. As a result, the story got rushed, some posing wasn’t up to par with what I wanted, the dialogue is par from expectations, and I practically got no time in to really edit the images one at a time. Mm. It is what it is.

(Click, Right click > View Image, or Right click > Open Image in New Tab)


> It’s 8.5 x 121 inches (a k a, 10 feet tall)
> I used 4 maps, one of which is pure chroma green.
> Photoshop, photoshop, photoshop.
> Alvin York. (<- linky linky linky)

was cool great job

Pretty good. Maybe next time you can perform a re-edit of the comic, work on your posing, and do some face posing.

I like the concept, but I see you only had 8 hours.

What kind of bugs me here are the use of NPC’s. It’s way too obvious sometimes (the colonel not looking York in the face), but otherwise it’s very good for such short notice.

NPC’s , unfitting models, ridiculous storyline, cheesy lines, bad posing.

Good cutoffs and angles though .

They didn’t refer to WWI as such until after WWII. It was just called The Great War.

This is what bothered me the most as well. However, it provided a quick method of posing people without going through the whole process.

Very good Rtheone. Except you made one mistake.

You didn’t expect me to read it. I have won. You have lost.

Bahaha, all according to my plan, little Rowtree. If I wanted it to keep it secret, I would have simply posted it on my Facebook. However, I put it on Facepunch. What does this mean? Now it is up to you to figure out what really is truly happening.

You just made it up.