Tales of Zestiria - Beach Mikleo model Help

Hello all, I’ve been trying to learn how to extract some models from Tales of Zestiria but it’s hard to find tutorials and I’m confused. I heard about this forum while looking for tutorials and thought I’d try to request some help. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have figured out how to use NinjaRipper and have successfully gotten the .rip/.dds files for the model.

the problem I’m having now is learning how to open these files and convert them into a model! I’ve heard people saying I can use Blender since I don’t have 3DS Max. Does anyone have any tips or could maybe convert the files to .obj (I think that’s what I need?) for me?

my goal is to eventually convert this model for use in MMD (MikuMikuDance) but it’s hard to learn how to do this stuff lol. I have a Discord and I tried to join this forum’s group on there but it said the invite expired, doh!

thanks very much in advance!