Tali and Legion being generic by shooting off-screen

I just wanted to play around with the models, and I had fun experimenting by trying to make Tali’s visor less flat.


awesome sauce

Well atleast threy arent some random soldiers from MW2.

great models

Tali’s hood and visor looks pretty bad ass.

Hello Legion. :smug:

But the picture itself is okay, the posing seems a bit odd.

Those muzzleflashes are really terrible. The one on the right has really hard edges, and an absolutely straight edge at the top - it looks like you didn’t look over this picture at all when you were editing/had finished editing. Just ctrl+v oh okay it’s done post post post. Be careful, check your work and pay attention to detail.

But hot damn I can’t wait for Legion. That guy is hella cool.

If you don’t mind, I’ll edit it to be more Mass Effecty.

Doesn’t really look like Source Engine anymore. What map?

Legion is awesome. Aiming a tiny bit down,though.

the models are hot but legion’s muzzle is cut off at the top

is this in gmod?