Tali'Zorah Mass Effect port?

I was wondering if anyone would be able to take Tali’Zorah’s model from Mass Effect and convert it to Source, seeing as the other Mass Effect thread died.

It did, really? Damn. Well, I want Tali too, so I second this.

Nobody? Can’t be that hard, doesn’t even need animations. I would do it myself but I’ve found the only way to rip models from this game (apparently) is with 3DRipperDX which isn’t compatible with DX10/11, so I can’t.

All it needs is finger posing too. No face posing, because of her helmet, and same for eye posing.

Bump with a picture because boring old bumps are sooo old fashioned.


Final bump.

The picture failed.

Still looks like the Comb. AssAssIn model with a reskin and a hoodie to me…
Does that make me a bad person?

When did it die? @.@

I just haven’t had time to do stuff like this (but then again no-one else seems to be trying either).

I’ve got the model and textures (for alot of things) I just need to rig a collision model for each of them (which is what i’d need the time I don’t have to do, as it takes forever to get it right).

Did I post a pic of Tali’s model in Milkshape? I’m sure I did a few.

Edit: There we are ^^

Use UModel for Unreal based games not 3DRipper.

holy crap, awesome


I’m happy now.

Damn dude!

I’m trying to port Tali over myself using UModel and 3Ds Max, but I can’t find the texture used on her visor


It just uses the body texture. You will have problems with the textures however as they have all the effects murged into one file, which need to be extracted from the channels.

In wich file(s) can I find the main characters?

Mass Effect\BioGame\CookedPC\Packages\GameObjects\Characters\Humanoids

Then it should have folders for each race, which might have the heads in aswell, I can’t remember.

Thanks. I always wanted to port Mass Effect stuff, was just to lazy to look for the files.

If you do I’ll hug you forever and ever and ever and will never let go.

I don’t think he’d like not letting go.

I just want my Tali with fingerposing.

Don’t get me wrong, Wrex and Kaiden and Garrus and them would be cool too.

But I want my Tali.

Just like I wanted her in the game.

Damn you Bio Ware.


I got most of the models from the game but for some reason the Diffuse textures are fucked up on many models.


If someone knows how to fix this please tell.