Talking In-Game Causes De-Sync

Hi Guys,

I’ve been having a lot of issues lately with desync. It seems to mostly happen when I attempt to use my mic in-game. Right as I press the talk key, I desync immediately, causing me to disconnect/reconnect to fix the issue. I cannot talk in-game without this happening.

I do get desync issues without pressing the in-game talk key as well. Does not seem to be my internet as I have tried two connections with the same outcome.

Who is your ISP are you using a router and sucks man I know desync is annoying.

ISP is Charter, but I also connected via my phones hotspot, which is AT&T, and same issue.

yea my friend uses his phones hotspot and Always has this issue, When connecting to charter so you use a Router? If you are capable in configuring Routers you could try engaging the DMZ mode and this might fix your issue.

I have this issue too. I do all of the microphone tests and they all work perfectly, including the Unity microphone test. Yet in Rust, when I attempt to use my microphone I desync and no one can hear me talk. Has anyone resolved this issue?


For those asking if they’re behind a router and issuing the idea of using the DMZ…

DMZ removes you from the routers firewall. It does nothing more. This doesn’t affect your connection whatsoever, because port forwarding still needs to be set up in order for it to be effective, regardless of if you’re behind the firewall, or out from it.

To explain this further without being detailed: Your router has no effect on your translation between client and server.

This has been an issue with the voip service via the unity engine in Rust so far.

However, it happens to people even when they aren’t using it.

None of which, setting DMZ’s has fixed.

Just figured I would bring the DMZ ‘fix’ falsification to light.

Yeah - hear anything about a fix though?

Theres been a few patches since the last post here. Has there been any progress as to why people are desyncing when using the microphone? Thanks!

I was also a fellow ghoster (desync) but managed to make it stop myself. From all the research I’ve done, it seems to be a problem on the users end. For me I turned off all my over clocking software that came with my Asus motherboard (Turbo V and EPU-6). Now my only problem is the ddosed!!!

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I also updated my nVidia graphics card driver so that could have also been the fix…