Talking NPC Lipsync, and Emote Help

Hi, so many of us are familiar with the Enhanced Meth Lab script.(if not, you can see it here: When you use the Meth Buyer, it says something, ususally, “Get the hell out of here!” With lipsync. What I need is for someone to please point me in the right direction, so I can learn how to do this. I tried the Entity/EmitSound, but it didnt help. I have a Snpc all set up, I just need a way to make him talk when used. Please, and thank you!

It IS Entity:EmitSound, but the sound must be a .wav file if I remember correctly for it to work.

Other limitations may also apply.

Okay, but how does

Entity( 1 ):EmitSound( "path/to/sound/wav", 75, 100, 1, CHAN_AUTO )

tie in? What goes into

Entity( 1 )

The ent name?

Entity( 1 ) is the reference ( a variable where the entity object is stored ) of the entity.

If you are making an SNPC,then chances are all you need is


as long as the code is inside ENT: function*