Talking Portal Turrets

I swear I had an addon that spawned turrets in Portal levels, but the few I found didn’t do that (perhaps what I used got removed). I remembered that the addon was kind of weird though, as it only spawned normal HL2 turrets with different models, and didn’t keep certain functions from the original turrets (they couldn’t talk, and in escape 01, the broken turrets could shoot). So, when I decided to make my first addon, I tried to simply replicate that. But I was persistent, and had a lot of general knowledge of the source engine, so I kept improving on what I had. I never thought I’d get this far 0.o

The addon will place Portal 1 styled turrets in Portal levels if you have Portal 1 mounted. They will say multiple clips just like they do in Portal when picked up, dropped, tipped, when they see you, and when they deactivate. If you have Portal 2 mounted, you will be able to spawn all the defective turrets, as well as the normal Portal 2 model. The typical black defective turret will even have his own vocals, be unable to shoot, and will explode if tipped over. All the Portal turrets will also explode if set on fire, and complain when ignited (if Portal 2 is mounted, as the sound files are taken from there).

If you don’t have Portal 1 mounted, the Portal 1 turrets will spawn as regular HL2 turrets. If you don’t have Portal 2 mounted, all the defective turrets and the Portal 2 turret will spawn as regular HL2 turrets. If you don’t have either one installed, this will merely spawn HL2 turrets (so don’t bother getting this, unless you have another addon that stole the models for you :glare:)

Workshop link

Known issues:
They won’t speak when when they lose sight of you or on other occasions
This is due to the fact that the HL2 turrets lack outputs for those events. I have no way to detect those events and trigger speech (at least, not one that I know of).
Turrets can spam talk if you pickup/drop them multiple times
I don’t know how to cancel the voice clips they say :B
The turrets tracking lasers make you bleed
This is an incredibly stupid issue with env_laser. I couldn’t get env_beam to work, so I have to live with it for now…
The youtube videos look like shit
I was unaware of how awful gm_video’s quality was, but my computer sucks, so it’s one of my only options…

Do you have any issues? Please tell me, because this is my very first addon. I’m almost certain that there’s something wrong with it, somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I ask what is that addon, the music one?

Interesting the bad turret one. It is so funny I remember them :smiley:

Always like to have fun with core and defective turret
Just leave then there and listen to every quote, especially Wheatley after he jump off the rail at the beginning

The swep I used at the end was the Epic Sax SWEP. Definitely one of the more entertaining things to do with the turrets ;D

A commentor suggested that I add laser pointers to the turrets, so I decided to see if it was even remotely possible:

I am apparently very good at underestimating myself -_-

Yes you are very good at that

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Damn wish someone can make GlaDOS Npc
It would be great for me to listen to her voice, talking about the cake

I wrote up a guide which lets her speak naturally in Portal levels. As for spawnable NPCs, there are a couple Portal 2 core addons for her that say random quotes.