Talking Ragdolls?

OK, in many machinimas I have seen ragdolls with fluid realtime facial movement and lyp-syncing (ragdolls not npcs)
Like these below: 0:40

The author of the latter claims he uses some kind of special script, but googling for it I can’t seem to find it or anything like it,
Does anyone know how this could be achieved?

He might be shitting you as this could be done by making a screenshot by screenshot “animation” of the faces. Or some easier way im too dumb to be aware of. Looks so jumpy it might be just this though.

In the first video, when spy-disguised-as-Heavy’s talking and he says “I am Heavy Weapons guy” looks much too fluid to be stop motion.

You can make stop motion very fluid if you want to.

edit: Faceposer tricks?

Yes, if you have a couple of hours to kill,
Also since no tf2 NPCs currently exist,
(well theres these but the author is being an asshat and not releasing them, saying they don’t work properly


You mean face poser the tool, or Face Poser as in Source SDK?