Talking Stalkers?

Hey guys.
I am working on a new song/video for and I wanted to use stalkers in this one. I could swear that in EP1 I saw stalkers with moving mouths (remember the scene in the train where you wreck and they are going crazy and one is pinning down Alyx?). I could be wrong though.

I tried SDK face poser with both EP1 and EP2 but was not able to find one with flex sliders at all. It looks like the normal models do not even have working mouths.

I just wonder if any of you are aware of any stalker models that I would be able to lip sync in Face Poser, even if they are only models combined with the pods?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

the stalkers in the pods were special models if i remember correctly, and their facial movements were worked directly into the animations themselves

(so no face flexes)

Thanks for the reply T_T,
I will try to figure out some other way to make them seem like they are communicating then. Maybe just capture some footage from them in that train scene and play with the video editing.