Talking Tool

I wnted to know, I’ve seen losts of videos where the npcs speak, not like the npc scene tool, but they say what the player says into the microphone. Can someone tell me how to do this (my belief is its a recording they can save into the npc scene) but if not, tell me what it is and how do I use it.

Care to link to one of these videos?

Its done using face poser through source sdk in tools.

Here is a link to somthing thats good enough at least.

You may want to fast forward to about 50 seconds in.

Well…Sicne the movements are so smooth I would say its pretty much a used animation to them (probably an addon) and then just edited in sound!

Yah, I think it was faceposer. I worked it out and got a test one working. The only problem is I need it for garrys mod, not half life 2. Anyone know how to put them in garrys mod, like they did with the npc scene on