Tall External Walls Bug

1 - When I select the external walls to place my direction key mapping changes to random directions and I see no red/blue ghost image to place. Key mappings return to normal when deselecting external walls.

2 - I’m a female, my corpse is a male.

3 - Able to build doors that open into stairs.

4 - Died and didnt respawn, stayed dead - Had to reconnect.

Feel free to report more & Agree if you have experienced any mentioned , thanks…



Same thing is happening with me.

My controls get screwed up after just 60 seconds of gameplay on ANY server, and I cannot place the walls.

These are both dealbreakers for me. Can’t play at all until the control issue is resolved - and I choose not to play if the walls aren’t working, because I FINALLY had a worth while tool to assist in base defenses. They became an integral part of my base planning, and without them, it’s just still too easy to raid.

Please fix, guys. :frowning:

Also…who the hell is going to ride a (flying) horse, when there’s gonna be cars? I hope some people do so I can just run them over. lol.

Another few bugs I have seen… See OP for update details…

100% exact same issue with external walls. I hope this gets fixed soon I built in a spot that heavily relies on them yet I cannot place them.

Same here…as a matter of fact, we had already amassed quite a bit of loot, and were almost ready to employ the old-school, time-wasting method of building 360 degrees of foundations and walls around our starter 1-story before expanding it, when we were raided and have already lost everything once. Base was armored, and we lost about 100k in all resources. I don’t mind losing imaginary game gear, it’s just frustrating that my time this morning on my day off work ended up being wasted, because the game doesn’t offer enough ways to defend or fortify your homes/bases.

Again…it was fully armored, and surrounded by metalcades…it was only a 6 block 1 story. But because of the drop rates on C4, guys are already raiding everything on the map less than 24 hours after the total wipe.

If we had better defensive measures available to us, it would help quite a bit. Last week, we weren’t raided a single time, thanks to basing our home design around the use of the High External Walls. They are a game changer. Please fix them!

Any updates on the external wall thing? Seems to be affecting everyone, modded or not. They were really cool when they were working.

I updated my server again earlier, just in case it was a silent update like last time… (Last Updated 2015-08-06 12:16:29) - GMT

All the bugs I listed are still present. The wall bug together with the BP issues being too easy - Needs fixing ASAP - Just hope they notify server admins this time…

A sticky here with the last update time to public servers from FP would be really helpful for server admins.

Yeah, I feel you on the update thing. I have to follow the guy at Rustafied to find out when updates are launched. Where does he get his info?

Raided for the 3rd time since I started playing this wipe on Friday. Roughly 5 hours of time totally wasted at this point.

Look, I get that “it’s part of Rust.” But last week, with the walls in play, I was not raided ONCE. I know how to build solid bases. But the lack of useful defensive measures is increasingly apparent, which is why you NEED to get those walls working again. And get back to work on those turrets. While you’re at it, make land mines less visible - they may as well have a neon sign above them with an arrow pointing at them.

The game favors the raiders 4 to 1 compared to the defenders, and since clans are just getting bigger and overpowering solo or casual players, this isn’t the right way to go. PLEASE even things out. We need more effective defensive measures. Because no matter HOW many perks you give in favor of DEFENSE, the groups/clans/24 hour a day players will EASILY find ways around them.

Don’t even know if I want to start over a 4th time this week. Games are supposed to be fun, guys. :confused:

Have no idea… maybe he got a direct line to the FP team, with email or something.