Tall, tropical palm tree models for L4D2?

Well first of all let me just say I don’t know the first thing about modeling, so forgive me if anything about this request is impossible.

Basically, the stock palm tree models that come with L4D2 Authoring Tools are short and meant for large indoor spaces and/or sidewalk decor. I’m in the middle of designing a Hawaii based campaign for L4D2 and it was lacking one crucial thing; palm trees.

Like I just said, the stock ones suck so I was wondering if someone could be so kind as to model some for me or point me in the direction of some decent tropical/wild ones.

I’m not sure how to describe the dimensions of it, but if anyone here has access to the L4D2 tools I would like for the tree to be nearly as tall as the lamp post models ( streetlight001 for reference. ) Another thing I would like is for them to be slightly tilted, as they usually appear to be in real life. I would only need like one of these at least, variation isn’t really a problem since they’re a bit scarce and I could simply rotate them for randomization, but if you’re even up to designing me one in the first place I would love to have a set of them ( different heights, etc. )

I would be more than happy to give you credit for the models when/if my campaign is finished, I can’t offer much other then that.

are you good at ripping? i think Far Cry 2 has some nice palm trees if that helps any.

It’s a good idea, but as I said I have absolutely no experience with modeling.

I hate to have to bump this thread but I’m in desperate need of these models. Anyone?