Tameable and rideable horses

Traversing the map can take a long time especially if you live far away from the monuments. So the addition of rideable horses would save most people alot of time.

You could find saddles in crates or barrels but they could be non-researchable. You could tame them with a growable crops like wheat, or you could find apples in trees and you would have to wait for them to fall off.
You would have to feed them or let them eat the grass. Wolves would kill them when you are offline if you dont make a fenced off area.

i second this, horses are absolutely necessary to make cossack wars more authentic

i’m sure they can be of use to the fire fighters too

Yes, fighting on horses would be awesome.

This has been suggested before. Several times in fact. Good idea still. But I’d rather they put in a Kangaroo i can capture, train and then ride around like a boss

at the current map size i dont see anyreason for a transport entity

Yes adding other kinds of rideable animals would also be cool.

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Yes I also find the map size small its just horses would make it a lot quicker. It takes me 6 minutes to get to the nearest monument but with the addition of horses that travel time could be reduce to 2 minutes.

This had been the intention when horses were adding nearly a year ago, but it never went anywhere. Not sure if Facepunch ever plan to revisit that.

I think maps need to be truely huge before introducing any mobility, and I can imagine thats a loooooong way off!

its a fun idea that as been asked many times before

you could also make horse Armour build a food trough and make a rope to capture it and tame it by feeding it with fruit trees or corn

you would have to build a barn to keep it in lol

this if it came would be a long long way down the programmable line in rust

Also what if you can put a small chest on the horse and Carrie supply’s. This would make base moving, rad runs, and raiding much easier.

Let the saddles be research able out of bp books

Also lets have some horse armor and places where you can tie your horse

They need to fix the way horses[and other animals] defy all laws of physics before they can be ridable.

Good point

but that goes without saying