Tampon Playermodel

A tampon playermodel, with the string hanging out of the top, Something like:


walking/running animations would be AWESOME, i.e. a bobbing up and down effect

I’m kind of curious, but what exactly do you want this for?

Gmod giant porn?

wut?what would anyone do with a giant tampon playermodel?

Giggle with his 13 year old friends about lady parts.


Resize nude alyx and use this.

I play as the matress playermodel on my server, and someone made the brilliant suggestion that I should play as a tampon. I haven’t the slightest how to make models, so perhaps someone could hook a brutha up.

A tampon doesn´t have emotion so why the fuck do you want to do with it? I rather play as a World of Warcraft player (which I hate it) further more than a tampon for pornografia

Because it’s hilarious.